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It’s so sad knowing that our brothers and sisters are being slaughtering than we can not do anything to help them..
We pray for them, we protest by doing demonstrations on the streets (and Praise to the Lord that Indonesian government responds to the people acts, proved by the statement of Indonesian President, SBY, gave his official statement cursed the assasination in Palestine), but…are that enough?

While, I only can write and publish in this blog, what I feel on this slaughtering, massive killing,human tragedy, and many more words which not enough describe all my feelings and regrets on the people of Palestine..

I know from the media, the massive killing is still continuing in that city who belongs to the people of Palestine, I do pray for them and I believe it could help them, although maybe is still not enough if I’m not helped by others who can not go there to help them physically.

Dearest brothers and sisters..
For you to know that Allah, The Lord, The Knowing, The Entirely merciful, loves you all..
He will guide and protect you…
Be patient, brothers, sisters..Allah is upon you. Remember His promise in the Holy Qoran :

Bismillaahir- Rahmaanir – Rahiim.
1. Have you not considered, [O, Mohammed], how your Lord dealt with the companions of the elephant?
2. Did He not make their plan into misguidance?
3. And He sent against them in flocks,
4. Striking them with stones of hard clay,
5. And he made them like eaten straw.

Your land is just like the Holy Land, Mekah my brothers and sisters, and Allah will be upon you and protect your land, just like He has protected Mekah years ago.

Wish the verses could cheer you up…


Your label, Your Mirror..

I just wondered about on how often people give “label” on each other (including my own experience though.. J).

Most of us used to gossiping others by saying like,

“Hey, I think A is selfish! He/she doesn’t like to share, and always think about himself/herself only…and bla bla bla..”(*add some curses and pray that he/she will get something bad*).

Moreover, if we are not too satisfy, we will spread saying the same bad things on others. The more we gossiping, the more people know about A, the more bad influence we share on others.”

In the holy Qoran, stated that,

“Hai orang-orang yang beriman,jauhilah kebanyakan dari prasangka,sesungguhnya sebagian prasangka adalah dosa dan janganlah kami mencari-cari kesalahan orang lain dan jangan sebagian dari kamu menggunjing sebagian yang lain. Sukakah salah seorang dari kamu memakan daging saudaranya yang sudah mati? Maka tentulah kamu merasa jijik kepadanya. Dan bertakwalah kepada Allah. Sesungguhnya Allah Maha Penerima Taubat lagi Maha Penyayang.” (Q.S. Al Hujurat (49) : 12)

Do you know what..

I experience that the more I say bad things about others, the more same qualities I have as those I gossiped about.

If I say, A is “fussy” to others, at the same time (or sooner or later) I will be as fussy as A.

Maybe it called, what you say is what you get…

Maybe it called, think first before acting…

Maybe it called, pinch your self before pinching others…

Maybe it called, your label is your mirror…

And I start to keep my mouth shut than give bad comment on others and keep it still shut when others say bad things about stop the spread.To avoid the self portrait..

I’m afraid, it will return on me..

Soroako – January 14, 2010 – 7.33 p.m

Just realized that I need to join liqo again. I was believed that I could go through these all alone, but as a matter of fact, I couldn’t.

I need those who always be with me, strengthen me in faith.

But what should I’s so tiring to be neutral… Don’t want to hurt anybody.. but on the other side, I got to find knowledge to strengthen my faith more..

Na-ah…I’m not going to give such a kind of tips. You are just fooled by the title I’ve made. It just a trick of attracting reader’s attention to read my blog…hehehehe….Gotcha!!

What I’m gonna write here is about me,myself and I..and to those who just being trapped by reading it, congratulation, because u’re gonna read a very narcistic writing..

I’m a cute and smart little girl, spending the last day of the end of the year alone, in my small little tiny atco.

And just now, my mom called me and asked me (worrily), what am I doing in this New Year Eve and I said, I do nothing, just watching TV. Then she talked much funny things about my cousins, my nephew and nieces. She’s not pity at me at all, although in her first sentences at the first calling asked me with, “What are you doing?”..

After she called, I continued my activity to watch the funeral ceremony of the 4th President of Indonesia, Gus Dur.

Then, sleepily, one of my best friend also called me:

BF (Best Friend, not Boyfriend nor Blue Film, please deh..) : Halo, Luna Maya (she used to call me as Luna Maya, I even don’t understand, how she could speak so frankly like that..

Me, Luna Maya : Yup..

BF : What are you doing?What do u plan for spending this New Year’s Eve?

Me:Just stay at home..

BF:Hahhh?stay at home? How come? So pity of you spending time staying at home in the New Year’s Eve..That’s why I said to you, just return to Soroako after New Year..we have lots of fun here..hihihihihihihi….(smile like Mak Lampir)

Me : (smile like Luna Maya, calmly and beautifully). Well,I’m fine lah.. I like to be here alone..what’s the different between today or other’s just same for me..

BF: I believe you’re gonna say that, because you are a loner, an aloof person, anti social..But do you know what, kamu membunuh dirimu perlahan2 dengan ke-antisosial-itasan-mu itu..

And she talked like a well-known psychologist until I can’t differentiate whether she is my bestfriend or Sigmund Freud….xexexexe…

Well, I know, that she is such a very nice and sincere bestfriend, almost a sister for me, and she doesn’t mean to hurt me at all by saying that all,..


Doesn’t she understand that I’m happy enough with my loneliness in this New Year’s Eve?

By watching TV, I experience many things:

I could be in Gus Dur’s funeral with SBY, I could watch Nidji, Agnes Mo-nikah (so obsessed,huh?hehe), Maia,etc and sing together with them. I EVEN CELEBRATE THE FIRST NEW YEAR IN AUCKLAND! !!!After that, I celebrate also New Year in Bikini Bottom with Spongebob,Patrick,Mr.Crab,and friends

Why she said that I’m not happy?

The term of happiness in New Year’s Eve is not always make disturbance physically, watching out fireworks physically, screaming out loud physically..

Happiness is something related with feeling. And for something called feeling, in my opinion, is something that we create.

If we wants to feel happy, be happy. If we want to feel sad, be sad.

And I decide to feel happy alone in my small little tiny atco without my best friends here..


I write this by crying? depressed? No, not at all….

I love my best friend, and I am happy if they are happy, but I shouldn’t depend on them, right? My happiness is not always be with them. The feeling of love which I feel on them is not physically, but grows in my heart..(a’tanja’ Rhoma Irama ma’ sekarang..)

In this New Year Eve, I would like a very big thanks to my Lord, The Best Creator ever, Who blesses me with talents, and sincere loving family and best friends..

Soroako June 9th, 2009

It is quite surprisingly to know our weakness from other people, and it is humanity when we do not want to accept it.
It is humanity when we like to be praised,
It is humanity when we don’t want to admit our weakness,
But it is Angelic,
To apply all those things in contrary..

But I love my best friend for letting me know and remind me again for imperfectness of me as human being.

To be a good friend, is not only to listen and tell her/him about how good she/he is..but also telling the truth about him/her. And my friend was applied it on me. Although it’s quiet hurting to know the truth..^_^

Last week, I told her my misery that how I can not forget my past,
and does not want to accept my present even my future because of keep thinking about my previous memory.

She said that, how I could speak well, motivate others by saying a good reflection (including in this blog), show others…
How tough I am,
How wise I am,
In facing my life
And wishing that others could take my “life experience” as lesson.

In reality, I never could realize what I do say or do write.

Then, she showed me the verses from Al Qur’an, and it’s surprised me,
Made me sad,
And ashamed on myself…

“ Hai orang-orang yang beriman,mengapa kamu mengatakan apa yang tidak kamu perbuat?
“Amat besar kebencian di sisi Allah bahwa kamu mengatakan apa-apa yang tidak kamu kerjakan.” (Ash Shaaf/61 : 2-3)

It’s me,
Who do the lip services on others,
Look wise to advice,
Look broadminded to view life with my words,

But I am a loser of myself,
Because I even can’t get rid off my problem,
My past…

It’s me,
A very small person,
A shallow person,
The next Fir’aun,
Who is proud and show off for self,..
But too shallow and weak as real.

O Lord,
Forgive me,
For the self foolishness I’ve made
For the stubborn,
For the arrogant,
For the shallow I have,…

I want to change to be one of Your believer,
Who can realize her words
into action…

Protect me, and help me God,
For the good intention I have now.

Soroako, April 28, 2009

Bismilllah Ar Rahmaan, Ar Rahiim..
On the name of Allah, The Most Merciful, The Most Forgiving..

Dear Allah,
I praise for You, for all the blesses and trials You’ve given me.
I admit that I usually, can’t stand and complaint for all the trial You’ve given me,
and always forget Your blesses..
Then, I know that at the time You try me, at the same time a bless (or there ARE some BLESSES) follows. At least, teaching me to be tougher for life than previous.

Dear Allah,
Although the quantity of forgetting You is much more than the quantity of remembering You, please, put Your trust still on me,
Put Your trust on me, that I will always turn to You when I am not leaning on You and forget Your blesses, Your mercies, Your forgiveness,
Put Your trust on me, that I will always be Your Abdillah, the one who admitted to the Glorious of You, to The Greatest of You, to The One and Only You, God among all gods created by the humankind.

Dear Allah,
Help me from the foolishness which is coming from me and coming from my environment,
Help me to love You unconditionally, because I know that You love me that way either,
Help me to be consistent in seeking You,in believing You, in loving You,in knowing myself,

Dear Allah,
Thank You for the live of life of mine,
Thank You for the good friends I have,at the past,at the present,or even at the future..
Thank You for the family I have,
Thank You for the job I have,
Thank You for the
Thank You for the happiness I experienced,experiences, or will experience,
Thank You for the trials I experienced,experiences, or will experience,
Thank You for the chance to live, to share, to have friend, to be a friend, to love, and to be loved.
Thank You for all the blesses unmentioned that You’ve given me..

Keep becoming my best Guardian,Dear Allah,
Reminds me, loves me, live my life…

Just coming from hospital.. Visited mba Yuni’s baby..
Ya Allaaaaaah…that baby is ssssoooooooo small and tiny…
Kpengen nge gendong…
Tapi takut itu anak jatoooooooh…aiiiiiii…boneka hidup!!

It is so sad when I want to leave some people whom I just met, and I realize that you are the ones, the true friends that I don’t recognize during the time we spend altogether.

I love you guys all already, and I have to leave you all for one thing that I can’t describe. For the reason of knowing self more is not too appropriate and logic. Yeah, just I have said at that time, I don’t know what I want. And I need time to think..and I don’t want to be depend on anybody but me.

Dependent..yes, I am so dependent on others, especially my bestfriends till I can’t be myself.Almost all decisions regarding on my “life” made by my friends for me, till I don’t know exactly what I want..I didn’t blame my friends for that. That’s what friends are for. To be in need altogether. It is just left no room for me because of that dependency.

You guys are not the reason I leave the liqo’. It just a matter of me and ambigueness and unanswered on “something”. Glad to know you as friends, even sisters to me. By deciding not joining our liqo again,doesn’t mean our silaturrahim is ended. I still want to be your friend, and want to hang out altogether, only not in the liqo’form.

Love you all…


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