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Posted on: September 18, 2007

morning sharing

September 11, 2007

I have not been interviewed by Provisi Team –those school assessor – yet when I write this. Therefore, this writing will become fifty percent subjective. It is only a personal opinion from the modest and teacher’s opinion in seeing the School Programs Assessor visit.

I was just been visited by Provisi Team, an independent school auditor which is going to be a supevisor for Yayasan Pendidikan Soroako (YPS) development.
Well, I don’t know exactly what is their job. My principal said that they are going to help YPS development to be a National Plus School.

The team has just coming to my classroom for class visiting. The man is sitting behind the class, watching students and me learning and teaching.
And just now I was teaching IV C students which in it, there are sixty percent “special” students altogether in the class, in this case, they are not autism, but a slow learners in English.

I don’t make any special preparation for this visit. Why should I?
Most of the teachers get mad and blow up this visit. Prepare for all teaching stuff, the lesson plans, the worksheets and becoming stress for this school visit. For me, again, why should I?

I don’t have to be that panic. I’ve prepared my lesson plans, worksheets and class decorations long time before Provisi come for the sake of my students, not for the sake of Provisi.I will be with my students for a year, two semesters, and I only be with the Provisi taem for four days. Which one I should prepare for best?
YES! Of course my students!

I don’t have to prepare for the stuff more than what I’ve done. I think, the Provisi team need to see the real me, the real of my students, the real YPS Lawewu. Not the fakes.
I don’t want to be a fake by just preparing for everything because of wanting to be a good teacher in Provisi’s eyes. What’s that for?

But, the point is, I wish Provisi team or whoever it is, can be an objective school assessor – if they are really a good assesor – making an objective statistics, taking an objective samples.

Four days are not enough to make decision in evaluating all school factors.
Making a decision if teacher A is teaching better than teacher B because the students in teacher A’s class is more active and the learning is more interactive is not the only measurement to evaluate one’s performance. Because there are class project and non-class project classification in this school. Which the students knowledge and behavior on those both class are different.

Either make a decision that school doesn’t have qualified human resources by only supervise, visit, and interview some teachers for four days, I think it’s not enough.

Evaluate a school might be seen from up to bottom.
Has Provisi evaluated all school wisdoms? Do they think all school wisdoms are on the track of being a National Plus School?If not, are they barve to say it to the management and eager to change it for the sake of the students, parents, teachers and all school’s elements especially those bottom level?

Has Provisi evaluated the school programs? Do all school programs are good and on the track in achieving a National Plus School?

Has Provisi evaluated all teachers by using a valid statistic methods and an objective samples?

Has Provisi evaluated the characters of all teachers? Can they strengthen or even just starting to realize a healthy relationship between teachers?
Team work, individual best performances are the basic foundations in achieving a solid school and becoming the best school in the region or even in Indonesia.

Will this visits and assesments has follow-up and will it develop the school and realize the school visions and misions?

Will teachers, parents, and students have rights to speak up? Won’t they be “sentenced to death” if they speak up their mind which management might be feel upset to hear and accept it? Will the freedom of speak still be exist?

Provisi Team should work harder to “do” a school. Developing a school and make all elements are pleased to accept and run the programs made is quiet hard to be realized. Need hardwork, good persuassive especially with the bottom line. If it is necessary, they have to be aware and driven out some “obstacles”, whether they are in the form of things or persons.

Advice for Provisi Team from me, Open widely ears and eyes. See the facts, see the school’s ability. Evaluate, improve, fix, asses, and find the best method in realizing Yayasan Pendidikan Soroako which gained a National Plus School certificate.

For them to know, YPS is not schools in Aceh. Our atmosphere is different. The school is one of facilities for INCO employees. It is not a real unconstruct school. We have form, but it is not fix because of being confused in chosing what kind of school should be a reference? Singapore curriculum? International curriculum? National Plus Curriculum?or what?

The management itself needs to “reset” and “made up” their mind, which one they chose best, for the sake of the school, teachers, parents, and especially for the students. We are involve with a mankind future, we deal with people character building. In this case, those children.


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Ehh..tapi ada tawwa guru di situ saya lihat masuk hari minggu ki. Malla kamma’.

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