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The Most Difficult Test

Posted on: September 18, 2007


Have You Ever Think That You are Living in a Misery?
Thinking to Suicide…?

It’s hard to pass the “life-test” given by the Merciful.
I am in progress of passing month ago, I thought I better die because of losing “something” and condemn God because He takes the best of me and becoming unfair on me by giving me the tempatation.
I fall into pieces, I blame myself, I blame God. But at this moment, how I thank Him for giving me the temptation. He knows what’s good for me, and I deserve to get a better life, a better “something”, because I am precious.
Best friends…the people who help me pass through my hard times.. I will never ever forget them. They are take the best part of my heart, even my life.
The people whom I dare to be myself..
The people who cheer me up, bring me up from the hard situation..
Among all, The Merciful, The Almighty, Thanks for always be on my side and forgive my overloaded sins.
Thanks for becoming the Greatest Guidance ever…
“Hasbunallah wa ni’mal wakiil…” (Allah is enough (for me)…)


1 Response to "The Most Difficult Test"

ya..lumayan lah buat pemula, tapi…pertanyaan,
kenapa gambarnya buah bukan yang lain. saya jadi pengen makan buahnya jadinya.

awal yang baik, mudah-mudahan banyak yang “berkunjung” ke website kakak, he….!

with love!!!!

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