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A Hero called, Teacher

Posted on: October 8, 2007

i’m glad to be me

October 7, 2007

A TRULY HERO. Can I be a hero?

I just watched Kick Andy on Metro TV. I watched it last 7 minutes. It was talking about the life of a writer whose book becoming a best-seller in Indonesia, the book titled is Laskar Pelangi. The writer said it is based on his true story.
Well, the book itself told about a teacher who inspired him….

What makes me touched was what the teacher said,
“ I never imagine that I will be bringing up just like what I experience today until he ….. (I don’t know the writer’s name) write this novel. I am just a simple teacher coming from a very small town, not clever, my education’s not too high, but I can inspire him. Actually, my students are the clever one, not me.”

“ Saya tidak pernah membayangkan bahwa saya akan terangkat (derajatnya) karena si……(I don’t know the writer’s name) membuat buku ini. Saya yang hanya seorang guru desa kecil, tidak pintar, pendidikan saya tidak tinggi, tapi bisa menjadi inspirasi bagi dia. Sebenarnya murid saya yang pintar, bukan saya.”

I am becoming a teacher since 5 years ago. But, honestly, it was not my goal to be a teacher.
I was too arrogant to admit that I like this profession. It because I was thinking this profession was not too famous among all profession, let’s say, a secretary, an employee who works in private foreign company. Indonesian teachers profession close to poverty, low salary, middle class people.
I was come to Yayasan Pendidikan Soroako and accept a teacher profession because this Yayasan offers me big salary which is not same with the government teacher.
Yeah, I paid more than them because this school is not belong to government, it is private school. Under supervision of PT. INCO.

By watching this series of Kick Andy, it just suddenly tease me, how ungrateful I am, how money-oriented I am.

Maybe I teach my students just like what other ideal teacher do : transferring knowledge and moral to them. But when I ask my deepest heart, I do it because it is my responsibilty to do it as a teacher, I do it because I have to, not as sincere as the teacher who inspired the novelist in Kick Andy.

By doing this, I create a robot, not a human. I admit it. I teach them knowledge, but they may got it from any other source in this computerized era. I am proud of myself can make them know knowledge.

I teach them moral: how to be attentive, respect others, etc, but I forgot to teach them a sincerity. It because I don’t have it. I don’t know what a real sincerity means yet, till I watched this Kick Andy.

Ya Allah, how can I be so proud of myself than I can’t appropriate to be my students’ inspiration.

I am not inspired my students yet……

But I don’t want to give up. I will change, I am going to be a real teacher, a teacher who educate people, a teacher who is becoming an inspiration to the pillar of the nation, this young generation.
If my students are the soldier of rainbow because of their variety of behavior and skills, I will be the painter of that soldiers.

I am not yet a good painter, but I will be someday, and I am starting it now. Allaahu Akbar!


4 Responses to "A Hero called, Teacher"

Allahu Akbar!
For me, there is no noble profession can compete with a teacher, or in one of Arabic term, murabbi/ah…
Bukankah kata Rasulullah saw, memberi petunjuk kepada seseorang (menjadi murabbi/guru) pahalany lebih baik dari unta merah…
Atau seperti kata Asysyahid Sayyid Quthb, “teaching is a work of heart”, mengajar/membina adalah pekerjaan hati…so, use your heart..
cheers 🙂

Guru orang paling dicari oleh Kaisar untuk membangun Jepang setelah di Bom. Guru digelar pahlawan tanpa tanda jasa (Bung Hatta). Guru bekerja membangun jiwa anak bangsa. Tapi Guru selalu jadi warga kelas 2 di negara Indonesia ini, maka salah satu penyebab hancurnya bangsa ini mungkin karena Durhaka kepada Guru-nya. Semoga Allah merahmati Para Guru.


Salam kenal..selamat berjuang..semoga tetap semangat.:))

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