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Friends Can Be Anybody!!!

Posted on: October 10, 2007


Friends are not always Visible…

It’s so much fun to have many friends in internet. It really cheers me up when I am facing a hard day at that time. Talking with someone that we don’t know, and then our conversation is getting along, it will be so much fun to be with them.
The cool conversation ever is asking someone’s hobby, and what he/she likes most.
Don’t be too serious in chatting. Don’t give too many details of yours to avoid the criminal. Enrich your conversation with humor.

Well, sometimes the conversation become bored and lousy if you get a lousy and annoying people actually. In other words, it is also luck to get someone who is easy and fun to talk with.

I gain much benefit from chatting. Besides getting friends, I also can practice my English just like when I write my blog, moreover. Like what I have just said at previous, it can lift me up, can cheer me up in my hard days. It can cure my fatigue.

What I learn is the truth about “human can not live without others”. It’s so true. Although I didn’t talk with my colleagues at school because of mad on something, I must find my friends in the internet to talk with, or call/sms my other friends, as long as I can talk.


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