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The Spirit of Happiness

Posted on: November 14, 2007


Happiness is created by our mind-set. Even a very annoying environment and situation CAN NOT put us down if we set our mind to be happy all the time. I experienced it. I lived in a very annoying environment and situation at the past. At previous, that “environment” and “situation” made me crazy, put me into a very great despair.

“What a damn life…!”

That bad words always start my days. And it happens everytime I mention those words in the morning.

But, when I wake up in the morning and start my day with words, : 

“I’ll be happy today,

I’ll start my day with a great gratitude on the Almighty who continue my life today. Eventhough I’ll meet with a very annoying persons who always bother me, bother my privat life, has a fantastic efforts to put me down.. they are not influence me at all…

Because I am full already with happiness, I am full already with gratitution on the Almighty to give me a better life everytime I wake up in the morning, so those a tiny winny bitty “efforts” can’t bother me at all… For the shake of me…!!!!”

I am too happy to be bothered…so to those who always trying to bother me…

I am so sorry for not being influenced by your disruptions…

I am so sorry for my inability to make you satisfy with those fantastic efforts to put me down..

So sorry my dear friend…. 🙂


1 Response to "The Spirit of Happiness"

You are what you think. By default the existence has made everybody happy and great. We are by default the transparent mirror. Over the years the layers of dusts and dirts are gathered there and we have forgotten our own fountain of happiness. And instead, we searching somewhere OUTSIDE for that happiness. Just clean off the layres of dusts, and see the TRUE self, there you are and that’s it.

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