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A friend in need is a friend indeed..

Posted on: November 28, 2007


I’m writing this to show how thankful I am to God who sent me such nice friends like I have now. And I know them coincedently. They are just…a precious gift sent by God to save me. To let me know that how precious am I, how lucky am I, how lovely am I…at the time I think contrary…

“How dare you to cut your vein? Do you think you are live alone? nobody needs you? I need you. We need you!!”

This words realize me and wake me up if I have others who love me just the way I am.Who love me sincerely without any other tendency. That was an appropriate words mentioned at the time I felt down, unwanted, ignorable.

Or sms me to reminds me about eating that food,

“Irma, come on…you have to eat, even just a little bit one, even after that you will thrown up.I love you.”

You know what, that “love” word from a friend is not only coming from your lover to let you know that you are loved..but that “love” word from your friends when you are in misery are the most sincere one.Can’t be compared with anything in this world..

(Well, love from God is not coming from this world, isn’t it?it is more universal and worldwidely than anything…)

Yeaah… a friend in need is a friend indeed. A truly friend should be there beside you anytime. In happiness and sadness.

A truly friend is someone whom you dare to be yourself.

A truly friend is someone who can say “yes” if you do right, and dare to say “no” if you do wrong.

“A faithful friend is the medicine of life.”

There are so much more words to express what a truly friend suppose to be, and you will surprise to find out you can’t be run out with the words, and words will not enough to let you express how thankful you are when you got them (or even only one=him/her)…


1 Response to "A friend in need is a friend indeed.."

ada potoku masuk di internet. Jadi artis k nda lama lagi kayaknya ini. hohoho….
I found ur blog coincidence, kak. When I browsed about Sorowako. I’d like to send u more pictures. My pictures of course. To be uploaded at ur blog. hahaha!!
Ganbatte, kak. Coz, many people need n love you, like I do.

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