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Posted on: December 3, 2007

Soroako- Sunday, December 02, 2007 – 3.13 a.m in the morning 

Last Thursday, my student, Tita came in a hurry told that my other student Vivi was cried a lot in the classroom (I was in computer laboratorium at that time doing the school stuff administration). I found her in the classroom staring at me scaredly and cried a lot. I came to her and asked why she was cried that way, calmed her first and asked her to share her misery on me. 

She said that she was being played by Grade 6 students in Ibadah Time at the mushalla. Her praying tools- we called it as mukena in bahasa – was being tight up, so when she do sujud , it will pulled up and showed her hair. Meaning, her pray was not done. After that, one of the grade 6 student (whose body is so small), threated her and said, “Don’t tell Miss Irma. If you tell Miss Irma, I’ll hit and punch you! You got that?”. I called that all girls of grade 6 to come and solve the problem. I advise them for not doing it again, and if I still hear that one of them, or anyone in Lawewu Primary School threats others in the forms of anything, will face me and School Discipline Committee. The School rule will be applied. The worst, they will be droppped out from school.

 Hgrh…this intimidation, is still exist in all generations, all levels. I said every morning to my students, and trying to seed on their mind, make the thought permanently stayed on their brain, DO NOT EVER AFRAID OF SOMEONE, THE ONLY ONE YOU HAVE TO AFRAID OF IS GOD, NO OTHERS.

Leaving in fear and under pressure is not comfort at all, and I don’t want to let my students live in that way. I am enough at the past. Now, I myself will fight for my freedom of speech, doing what I want to do as long as it is on the right track. I am the one who controlled my life, I am the one who determine what I am going to do. My parents, my teachers, or any other precious advises from other people are input for me, to make me more consider about deciding which one is good and which one is not good for me.

Other people can not decide and insist me to do their wish on me. It’s me. And I am applying it to my students at this moment. They are free to talk, free to act, free for themselves as long as they are in the right tracks doing their wishes. Their parents, me as their teacher, are the facilitator, advisor and motivator for them. We don’t have rights to insist what we want to these kids. This kind of treatment is going to drill them to be independent and confidence individually. Among all that “thoughts”, they only need to trust on God, feel afraid of God for not letting theirselves fall to sins.   


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Bi tawwa k Irma, jagonya…
Kita baga2i lagi murid ta.


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