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Soroako I’m in Love..(Not only Eiffel be in loved!)

Posted on: January 5, 2009

Soroako, December 21, 2008 –

I am an aloof person. I like to spend time for myself through reading books, listening to musics, writing on my diary, watching movies than hanging out to socialize with people.

But at the first time I came to Soroako, I said to myself..For Godshake..what city on earth is this?On 7 p.m there’s no other voice heard but the crickets’’s so..quiet..and stressful..

I’m going insane day by day, night by night..

Although I’m a loner, I hated the quietness of just like staying at the funeral..

Five months stayed in Soroako, always made me got home sick. Almost each month during that period, I’ll be back to Makassar (even at that time, I supposed to be not getting my leave yet!hehehe..)

The sixth month staying at Soroako, getting to know people, meeting with good friends, a little bit cheered me up and stay a little bit longer although still missing Makassar..

One year to go, I prefer staying at Soroako and starting to miss Soroako..

Spending three days off in Makassar, made me bored already and wanted to go back to Soroako soon.

In my fourth year staying in Soroako,..I even don’t want to go home and miss nobody in Makassar! In this Idul Fitri, I returned to Makassar in Idul Fitri’s night, and when I arrived in Makassar at that time, it just three hours, I felt I left half of my body and soul in Soroako…

I go with the atmosphere.. the quietness, the peaceful environment, and the independency of myself…

I have my own room, I have my own rights to do my own without supervising from anybody.

Feels free like a bird is releasing..and Soroako support that feeling…

I know that I will not be here for the rest of my life, but I thank to God Who already put Soroako as one of my destiny to find living, to earn “life”experiences and bring peaceful and independency of my life…!

I’ll be back to Makassar for the next two days, but I feel I’m not going to leave this city…I’ll leave my heart and soul in Soroako for just eight days, and if God permits, I’ll be back to my tiny little peaceful room..hikshiks..I miss you already, my room…


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