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A love letter for my favorite food

Posted on: January 6, 2009

Dearest chocolate,..
At the past, I want to have you all day long beside me, having good times altogether, wanna do anything to get you.
But after conquering myself,knowing myself,even that you are for free, I won’t eat you.
I just see you and not crazy about you more.
You now are just a chocolate, only to be seen,not to be eaten more..


1 Response to "A love letter for my favorite food"

Halo bu. Produktif juga blog nya. hehe. tiap hari q posting kah? hahaha….
Salamnya uya bedeng.
Btw. hati2 q jadi gode’ gara2 makan coklat kebanyakan….
Pasti kita’ kasi sembunyi itu coklat ta di bawah kasur kalo dtg k nuny dkk toh. Makeddi’…..

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