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Greatest Condolence ( apray for the people of Palestine)

Posted on: January 6, 2009

It’s so sad knowing that our brothers and sisters are being slaughtering than we can not do anything to help them..
We pray for them, we protest by doing demonstrations on the streets (and Praise to the Lord that Indonesian government responds to the people acts, proved by the statement of Indonesian President, SBY, gave his official statement cursed the assasination in Palestine), but…are that enough?

While, I only can write and publish in this blog, what I feel on this slaughtering, massive killing,human tragedy, and many more words which not enough describe all my feelings and regrets on the people of Palestine..

I know from the media, the massive killing is still continuing in that city who belongs to the people of Palestine, I do pray for them and I believe it could help them, although maybe is still not enough if I’m not helped by others who can not go there to help them physically.

Dearest brothers and sisters..
For you to know that Allah, The Lord, The Knowing, The Entirely merciful, loves you all..
He will guide and protect you…
Be patient, brothers, sisters..Allah is upon you. Remember His promise in the Holy Qoran :

Bismillaahir- Rahmaanir – Rahiim.
1. Have you not considered, [O, Mohammed], how your Lord dealt with the companions of the elephant?
2. Did He not make their plan into misguidance?
3. And He sent against them in flocks,
4. Striking them with stones of hard clay,
5. And he made them like eaten straw.

Your land is just like the Holy Land, Mekah my brothers and sisters, and Allah will be upon you and protect your land, just like He has protected Mekah years ago.

Wish the verses could cheer you up…


7 Responses to "Greatest Condolence ( apray for the people of Palestine)"

are you an english student? eh iya, thanks bwt commenta’ nah. nda sa tau e-mail ta’ jd sa krm disini.:)

Yup! I’m an english student. Iye, sama2..(comment yg mana ya’?sa lupa mi…hehehe..)

My name is Kate and I saw in one of your blogs that you taught at Bambini school in Makassar. I am looking at a job there and I was wondering if you could tell me about it. I don’t live in Indonesia now but I did before and I would like to know what you think of the school.


Hi, Kate.
I was taught in Bambini as a Kindergarten Teacher. The school is starting from Toddler (about 2,5-3,5 years old students), Nursery and Pre Kindergarten (3,5- 4,5 years old student), Kindergarten (4,5 -6 years old student), and Elementary.
The school is use English as medium of instruction besides Bahasa Indonesia, Mandarin and Religion for Elementary Student.

Mandarin and Religion are taught also in Kindergarten level, but not taught yet in the lower level (Toddler and Nursery).
In one class, consist of 5-10 students for kindergarten, which is taught by one teacher and 1 assistant teacher. for toddler, because of they are so young and fragile, will be taught/assisted by 1 teacher for 1-3 students at the most.

If you want your child to speak English fluently/ make them use to with English, this school is highly recommended.
If I may know, do you want to put your child to study or you are looking for a job, to be a teacher?
I would be glad if you want to talk about it in my personal email. Just mail me at :

U den de… setiap dtg k jln2 ke blog ta’, nda ada tulisan baru ta’. plis deh. masa dari januari-juni nd ada tulisan baru. hahaha… (pdhl saya kuttu ton ji jg menulis). hihi…

Fyi only….my new blog 😀

well, I have never lived in war time or things like what you know or see, yet i understand that it must be frustrating and fearsome….

Bless you and your people, have a smooth sailing in no time!

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