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The Best Secret Keeper

Posted on: January 12, 2009

When you have problems and feels down,

and you need someone to talk to,

to listen to you, to help you solve your problem..

By the time you talk to someone about your secret (even to your truly best friend) you have to take the consequence that yor secret might be opened, which might be double troubles? or even triplets troubles? or quartet troubles?

So then, whom do we talk with?

Let’s  see, why we should tell others about our secret?

1. Everybody has problem since he/she created by the Almighty. It called as  ” destiny”.

2. Keeping the problem alone is hurting us more, and sharing with others might release us. Because there will be someone who can listen to us, and if we are lucky, he/she might give sollution to us.

For the first point, I can’t do anything or say more. It is a destine.

But for the second point, I want to give comment on it.

Have we tried speaking to ouselves to solve our problems?

Well, a friend might listen to us, but some of them, might say words (which may be he/she not intend to hurt you) which might be you don’t accept,like :

” Come on, cheer up, your problems just a cupcake, other has much more heavier problem than yours…take a deep breath lah…”

You don’t accept it, because you believe that the problem is not as easy as your friend think…worse, if he/she laugh at you…

Some friends might say that words on you…

But, will God say that on you?

Talking to friends might solve your problem…

But, won’t God solve it to you?

Talking to friends might take consequence other will know the secret too, if you break up with your friend…

But, will you break up with God?

Through this writing, I don’ t mean I don’t trust my bestfriends anymore..(Which I had so many of them!). I also don’t mean I need nobody to talk to about my problems..

I just try to minimize telling others about the problems I face.

What  I insists here is just…we seldom talk to ourselves about the problem we face, a matter of fact, God talk to us more to ourselves, through…our heart…

We just have habits to talk to someone and show our weaknesses, worse, blame God for what has done to us..

We like to show our weakness on others and ashame to show our weakness to the Real Best Helper ever..

We never ask ourselves that the problem we are facing is just coming out from ourselve? that we are the one who create it?

We are least trust on ourselves that we have ability to solve our own problems..and just too stupid to know and realize that The Best Helper is just around us…never leave us,..and always be there to protect us…

“Hasbunallah wa ni’mal wakiil…” God is enough for me..


1 Response to "The Best Secret Keeper"

Halo kak…
nice posting. I believe you have great talents to keep you hold out till now. But, trust me, that around you, there are a lot of friends who want to catch you whenever you can’t stand anymore. We could be your foot, we could be your arm, we could be your shoulder.
Want to answer ur questions, will God say that on you and won’t God solve it for you. I believe the answer is YES. Could be by yourself, could be by others.
Keep believing on Him.

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