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God Spirit, Through My Friend’s Eyes

Posted on: March 18, 2009

balloonsI am so thank to the Lord for sending me the best people as His spirit representatives, “The Merciful”, “The Caring”, and “The Loving” through the eyes of my friends, my sisters, my flesh-and-blood.
We use to get stucked, startled by problems which come from ourselves, and took less lesson from the experience. Some people could take lots of lesson, and some are not.
I am the one who learned less form my experience, but at least, I’m trying to dig the bright side of the experiences…I tend to see the problem too serious and think that I am the poorest person in the world.
I’m to focus on my problem, too selfish; too startle on me…all is about me and myself. Seeing less on others’ problems, seeing and learning less from “the environment” around me.
Yesterday, I’ve just realized, that how selfish I am, ignore my truly best friend who is so kind to me, never complaint on me who always bother her with my complaints and constraints about life. I asking about her condition less, does she facing problems too or not…
I just realized when I asked her yesterday (before that, I’m talking about me, myself and I as usual), that how heavy her job, how many things which must be completed, how busy her on changing other people’s works who leaved the workplace she work for because of finding another job or got sick..
But you know what, she never complaint for that. She just said with joke, “My friend, who was accepted as Civil Servant leaved many pending jobs to do, moreover my other friend in Marketing Department is going to leave soon, too. My suffering is complete now…I’m going to die soon…hahaha…”
And after that, she still encouraged me not too think too serious on my problem, her words which reminds me till now was, “I pray for you to learn the best from your best experiences, I don’t pray for you to get the best as change for all the miseries you faced because I believe that God always gives the best for you, sis..God wants you to learn and trust you that you can go through all these miseries.”
I owe much from her kindness in encouraging me, introducing me to the “world” (including finding me a soul mate, hahahaha), and now (just realized), I owe her from the positive thoughts she gave and the toughness she had in facing life. She taught me on how to “do more and complaint less”.


1 Response to "God Spirit, Through My Friend’s Eyes"

Jadi malu nih di puji2… Hahahahahaha!
But, I do hope all the best for you.

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