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Posted on: June 10, 2009

Soroako June 9th, 2009

It is quite surprisingly to know our weakness from other people, and it is humanity when we do not want to accept it.
It is humanity when we like to be praised,
It is humanity when we don’t want to admit our weakness,
But it is Angelic,
To apply all those things in contrary..

But I love my best friend for letting me know and remind me again for imperfectness of me as human being.

To be a good friend, is not only to listen and tell her/him about how good she/he is..but also telling the truth about him/her. And my friend was applied it on me. Although it’s quiet hurting to know the truth..^_^

Last week, I told her my misery that how I can not forget my past,
and does not want to accept my present even my future because of keep thinking about my previous memory.

She said that, how I could speak well, motivate others by saying a good reflection (including in this blog), show others…
How tough I am,
How wise I am,
In facing my life
And wishing that others could take my “life experience” as lesson.

In reality, I never could realize what I do say or do write.

Then, she showed me the verses from Al Qur’an, and it’s surprised me,
Made me sad,
And ashamed on myself…

“ Hai orang-orang yang beriman,mengapa kamu mengatakan apa yang tidak kamu perbuat?
“Amat besar kebencian di sisi Allah bahwa kamu mengatakan apa-apa yang tidak kamu kerjakan.” (Ash Shaaf/61 : 2-3)

It’s me,
Who do the lip services on others,
Look wise to advice,
Look broadminded to view life with my words,

But I am a loser of myself,
Because I even can’t get rid off my problem,
My past…

It’s me,
A very small person,
A shallow person,
The next Fir’aun,
Who is proud and show off for self,..
But too shallow and weak as real.

O Lord,
Forgive me,
For the self foolishness I’ve made
For the stubborn,
For the arrogant,
For the shallow I have,…

I want to change to be one of Your believer,
Who can realize her words
into action…

Protect me, and help me God,
For the good intention I have now.


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