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Posted on: December 31, 2009

Na-ah…I’m not going to give such a kind of tips. You are just fooled by the title I’ve made. It just a trick of attracting reader’s attention to read my blog…hehehehe….Gotcha!!

What I’m gonna write here is about me,myself and I..and to those who just being trapped by reading it, congratulation, because u’re gonna read a very narcistic writing..

I’m a cute and smart little girl, spending the last day of the end of the year alone, in my small little tiny atco.

And just now, my mom called me and asked me (worrily), what am I doing in this New Year Eve and I said, I do nothing, just watching TV. Then she talked much funny things about my cousins, my nephew and nieces. She’s not pity at me at all, although in her first sentences at the first calling asked me with, “What are you doing?”..

After she called, I continued my activity to watch the funeral ceremony of the 4th President of Indonesia, Gus Dur.

Then, sleepily, one of my best friend also called me:

BF (Best Friend, not Boyfriend nor Blue Film, please deh..) : Halo, Luna Maya (she used to call me as Luna Maya, I even don’t understand, how she could speak so frankly like that..

Me, Luna Maya : Yup..

BF : What are you doing?What do u plan for spending this New Year’s Eve?

Me:Just stay at home..

BF:Hahhh?stay at home? How come? So pity of you spending time staying at home in the New Year’s Eve..That’s why I said to you, just return to Soroako after New Year..we have lots of fun here..hihihihihihihi….(smile like Mak Lampir)

Me : (smile like Luna Maya, calmly and beautifully). Well,I’m fine lah.. I like to be here alone..what’s the different between today or other’s just same for me..

BF: I believe you’re gonna say that, because you are a loner, an aloof person, anti social..But do you know what, kamu membunuh dirimu perlahan2 dengan ke-antisosial-itasan-mu itu..

And she talked like a well-known psychologist until I can’t differentiate whether she is my bestfriend or Sigmund Freud….xexexexe…

Well, I know, that she is such a very nice and sincere bestfriend, almost a sister for me, and she doesn’t mean to hurt me at all by saying that all,..


Doesn’t she understand that I’m happy enough with my loneliness in this New Year’s Eve?

By watching TV, I experience many things:

I could be in Gus Dur’s funeral with SBY, I could watch Nidji, Agnes Mo-nikah (so obsessed,huh?hehe), Maia,etc and sing together with them. I EVEN CELEBRATE THE FIRST NEW YEAR IN AUCKLAND! !!!After that, I celebrate also New Year in Bikini Bottom with Spongebob,Patrick,Mr.Crab,and friends

Why she said that I’m not happy?

The term of happiness in New Year’s Eve is not always make disturbance physically, watching out fireworks physically, screaming out loud physically..

Happiness is something related with feeling. And for something called feeling, in my opinion, is something that we create.

If we wants to feel happy, be happy. If we want to feel sad, be sad.

And I decide to feel happy alone in my small little tiny atco without my best friends here..


I write this by crying? depressed? No, not at all….

I love my best friend, and I am happy if they are happy, but I shouldn’t depend on them, right? My happiness is not always be with them. The feeling of love which I feel on them is not physically, but grows in my heart..(a’tanja’ Rhoma Irama ma’ sekarang..)

In this New Year Eve, I would like a very big thanks to my Lord, The Best Creator ever, Who blesses me with talents, and sincere loving family and best friends..


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