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A label equals self portrait

Posted on: January 20, 2011

Your label, Your Mirror..

I just wondered about on how often people give “label” on each other (including my own experience though.. J).

Most of us used to gossiping others by saying like,

“Hey, I think A is selfish! He/she doesn’t like to share, and always think about himself/herself only…and bla bla bla..”(*add some curses and pray that he/she will get something bad*).

Moreover, if we are not too satisfy, we will spread saying the same bad things on others. The more we gossiping, the more people know about A, the more bad influence we share on others.”

In the holy Qoran, stated that,

“Hai orang-orang yang beriman,jauhilah kebanyakan dari prasangka,sesungguhnya sebagian prasangka adalah dosa dan janganlah kami mencari-cari kesalahan orang lain dan jangan sebagian dari kamu menggunjing sebagian yang lain. Sukakah salah seorang dari kamu memakan daging saudaranya yang sudah mati? Maka tentulah kamu merasa jijik kepadanya. Dan bertakwalah kepada Allah. Sesungguhnya Allah Maha Penerima Taubat lagi Maha Penyayang.” (Q.S. Al Hujurat (49) : 12)

Do you know what..

I experience that the more I say bad things about others, the more same qualities I have as those I gossiped about.

If I say, A is “fussy” to others, at the same time (or sooner or later) I will be as fussy as A.

Maybe it called, what you say is what you get…

Maybe it called, think first before acting…

Maybe it called, pinch your self before pinching others…

Maybe it called, your label is your mirror…

And I start to keep my mouth shut than give bad comment on others and keep it still shut when others say bad things about stop the spread.To avoid the self portrait..

I’m afraid, it will return on me..


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